German colocation starting at 20 EUR per server - all inclusive!

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German colocation starting at 20 EUR per server - all inclusive!

Postby ankitamishra » Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:46 am

Thanks to our two high-performance data centers in Germany (Munich & Nuremberg), you can decide where to colocate your servers and technical equipment.
In terms of operational reliability and energy efficiency, both data centers are on the cutting edge of modern technology.

Our office rooms are located directly above the data center which allows us to provide extremely fast response times for any request related to your colocated servers.

All of our colocation offers include the following features:

location: Munich or Nuremberg, Germany
access only via ID card, alarm system, security service on duty
IPv6 support
upgrades: In order to improve the operation of your colocated servers even more, you can choose from a multitude of upgrades during the order process.
These include: KVM over IP, full monitoring, a private webcam, backup space, emergency support, etc.
personnel on site 365 days a year (also on Sundays and holidays)
a Customer Control Panel: Our CCP allows our customers to manage all their services at Contabo.

In order to give you a maximum of flexibility, the colocation offers are split into three modules:

the housing space
the bandwidth
the power

Compose your individual colocation solution by combining these three modules. This way, you can create an offer that fits your requirements exactly - and therefore is cheaper than that of most competitors.


Space for 1 server (rack / tower) - only 7.99 EUR per month - Customize & Order!
1U of rack space or space for 1 tower server (can be ordered multiple times)
No setup fee!

1/2 rack (20U) - only 109.99 EUR per month - Customize & Order!
20U, half of a 40U rack, will be available for your servers exclusively.
No setup fee!

40U rack - only 199.99 EUR per month - Customize & Order!
An entire 40U rack will be available for your servers exclusively.
No setup fee!


100 Mbit/s port: - only 9.99 EUR per month - Customize & Order!
Unlimited traffic, no restrictions, no throttling
No setup fee!

Individual bandwidth: - price depending on the number of Mbit/s - Customize & Order!
Dedicated bandwidth, exlusively reserved for you, up to 10 Gbit/s with unlimited traffic.
No setup fee!


Power: fixed price - only 0.20 EUR / watt - Customize & Order!
The average power consumption will be measured once. Based on this measurement your monthly fee will be calculated.

Power: kWh accounting - only 0.28 EUR / kWh - Customize & Order!
The power consumption of your servers will be measured continuously. The accounting is done monthly based on the amount of kWh used.

Power: 16A flatrate - only 599.00 EUR / kWh - Customize & Order!
Your server will receive an exclusive 16 Ampere outlet which can be used without limitation at the flat monthly price.

During the ordering process on our website, you are able to choose the data center (Munich or Nuremberg), in which you would like to colocate your server.

The following features are available for all products of Contabo:

99%+ network availability
additional IP addresses are available for your server (only 2 EUR per IP / month)
monthly payment interval
BGP sessions/ BGP announcement (of your own IP adresses) possible
our instant support is rarely excelled: A member of staff is always available to answer your questions and help you with any problems that may arise.
Contact us by telephone and e-mail, 365 days a year.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our service department:

Best regards,

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