Enterprise Level Live Chat

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Enterprise Level Live Chat

Postby tamannasharma » Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:11 am


My B2B ECommerce site is using LivePerson.
We take between 2,000 and 2,800 chats a month.
We tend to have 2 operators on at once with about 8 accounts in total.

LivePerson plans to switch us from a per operator license, which we prefer to an engagement model. I did some forecasting and this will significantly increase the cost of our live chat channel.

We currently have 5 licenses and it is fine, though they charge us for the 'enterprise' license. As far as I can see, while we are an enterprise level website, with $100 million in sales, the added functions is not required. I'd prefer to drop down to their $99 per operator model. But my account rep won't let us. Odd I think.

Anyways, that is making me shop around after being on LivePerson for 10 plus years.

We are not interested in a self-hosted chat and Open Source options are not an option.

My short list.

Click Desk (this forum won't allow their URL to be shown)

I have only come across Kayako and Olark as I shop on sites. Obviously, LivePerson is most widely used in the ECommerce top 100.

Anyone operating around my level use any of my alternatives?


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