[BodHOST] 7 Days Free Trial of Auto-Scalable Cloud

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[BodHOST] 7 Days Free Trial of Auto-Scalable Cloud

Postby JackMorris » Thu Sep 17, 2015 7:27 am

If you are seeking for an alternative to your current web hosting solution and would like test your website or applications on Cloud Hosting Platform, then bodHOST’s eNlight Cloud Server Hosting service could be the perfect solution for you to expand your online business presence. With auto-scaling and an order process with which you can set-up the precise specification that you need, eNlight Cloud represents a solution that can save you money whilst offering you a more powerful hosting service without compromising on uptime or security.
Want to test? Sign-up for a 7 days Free Trial of Cloud - http://www.bodhost.com/sales-enquiry.php
Linux & Windows Cloud VMs:

•Scale vCPUs from 0.05 to 24
•Scale RAM from 256 MB to 64 GB
•Attach Elastic Storage Disk from 10 GB to 1 TB
•Scale Bandwidth from 10 GB to 2 TB
•You can also set usage % from 10% to 100%
•You can also set Timing from 1 Hour to 1 Year
•1 IP by default

Recommendation for Cloud VMs for the optimum performance:

•Scale your Windows VMs RAM from 1 GB to 64 GB
•Set 4 vCPUs for Windows VMs as standard
•Set % of usage at least between 40% to 100%

Note: Security restrictions set in place at 16 GB RAM

Control Panels:

•Cpanel/WHM: $8.00/month
•Plesk 12 Web Admin Edition: $3.00/month
•Plesk 12 Web App Edition: $5.00/month
•Plesk 12 Web Pro Edition: $7.00/month
•Plesk 12 Web Host Edition: $14.00/month

Operating Systems:

•CentOS / Debian / Fedora / Ubuntu
•Windows 2008 Standard R2: $9.00/month
•Windows 2012 Standard R2: $9.00/month

Have a question?

Feel free to contact our sales team via Live Chat!

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